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What is Lick'Em Stick'Em™?

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Lick'em Stick'em™ is a must have attractant for every hunter going into the woods. It is a proven powder-based formula that was designed to draw in wildlife and keep them coming back for more! Lick'Em Stick'Em™ is unlike any product on the market today. If you are looking to draw in those big bucks, enhance your corn pile, and fill your freezer, then Lick'em Stick'em™ is the way to go. The natural scent and flavor that is packed in our Lick'Em Stick'Em™ shiny red bag is a combination of unique nutrients and minerals which NOT ONLY draws them in, but also aids in digestion to ensure the overall well-being of the wildlife.

Applying Lick'Em Stick'Em™

Lick'Em Stick'Em™ can be spread out on the land in the desired application area, or on a log or stump. Do NOT pour directly in a pile, be sure to spread out your product evenly. This ensures maximum ground coverage, and acts as a sort of "lick" for the deer. Do not worry about the product soaking into the ground- they will dig for the greatness.  Some of our satisfied customers prefer to mix it with their corn. We recomment one 4lb bag of Lick'Em Stick'Em™ to every 50lbs of corn when mixing. It can be mixed in a feeder with NO moisture.


Lick'em Stick'em™ has been known to be very addicting to wild game all across the nation! 

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Crude Protein Minimum - 15%

Crude Fat Minimum - 8%

Crude Fiber Maximum - 12%


Lick’Em Stick’Em™ is a salt base attractant that contains mineral salt, as well as bi-products and natural flavor and scent. 

Lick’Em Stick’Em™ helps with digestion and benefits the overall health of the wildlife by containing natural enzymes that aid in digestion to more readily utilize the available nutrition. 

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