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6 Bagger Lick Em Stick Em

6 Bagger Lick Em Stick Em

$100.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price

Lick'Em Stick'Em™ - Essential Wildlife Attractant for Whitetail Deer


Lick'Em Stick'Em™ is a must-have attractant for every hunter. This proven powder formula draws in Whitetail Deer and keeps them coming back. Perfect for attracting big bucks, enhancing corn piles, and filling your freezer.


Unique Formula

Packed in our shiny red bag, Lick'Em Stick'Em™ combines natural scents, flavors, nutrients, and minerals. It not only attracts wildlife but also aids digestion for their well-being.


Special Offer

6 Bag Special: Get six 4 lb. bags for $100, shipped to your door! 


*Shipping and handling included.


    Application Methods

    • Spread Evenly: Scatter on the desired area, log, or stump. Avoid piling to ensure maximum ground coverage and create a natural "lick" for deer.
    • Mix with Corn: Blend one 4 lb. bag with every 50lbs of corn. Ensure the feeder is moisture-free to prevent clogging.


    Usage Tips

    • On a Stump: Pour one bag on an old rotted stump.
    • Sprinkle Over Area: Lightly scatter one bag across your desired area.
    • Mix with Dirt: Combine with dirt for enhanced attraction.
    • Corn Mixture: Mix 4 lbs. with a 50 lb. sack of corn in a dry feeder.



    Store in a sealed bag without moisture. Properly stored, it remains fresh for 3-4 years.


    No refunds or returns are accepted unless the shipment error is on our part. For information regarding your shipments, please contact your local USPS office.


    All orders within 7 to 14 business days.  We ship all bundles on Monday and Tuesday of each week. *If we are able, orders will ship as they are received.

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