Questions And Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lick 'Em Stick 'Em work? 

  1. Will Lick'em Stick'em work in the rain?

answer: Lick'em Stick'em is a fine powder based/granular attactant, it is best to use in dryer conditions, however if the product does get super wet it will soak into the ground and become a lick in the dirt for the animals to still dig a hole for.

  1. Can I mix Lick'em Stick'em in my feeder?

Yes, as long as NO moisture and no direct contact to water, 1 bag of Lick'em Stick'em can be mixed to 50 lbs of corn, and will be thrown out of the feeder.

  1. is Lick'em Stick'em good for the deer herd?

answer: yes, Lick'em Stick'em is a strong attractant/draw, however it contains a lot of minerals and enzymes that's very good for the deer herd and can make them more active, and overall healthier.

  1. What kind of animals have been seen coming to Lick'em Stick'em?

answer: customers all over have seen, white tail deer, fox, bear, axis, mule deer, elk, exotics and more eating and enjoying Lick'em Stick'em 

  1. How long will 1 bag of Lick'em Stick'em last?

answer:  depending on location and activity, most of the time customers see deer on the product within hours and in some cases it can take a couple days, once they get use to hitting the Lick'em Stick'em they will destroy it, so we recommend buying at least 4 bags to try our product out and really give it a shot in the woods, most returning customers order around 9-18 bags every 2 weeks.