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2020 new car decal texas edition NEW a.png
2020 new car decal texas edition NEW a.png

"DJ and Laci are some one of a kind people, that really care more about the people than how much product they sell, Dude could charge $50 dollars a bag for his product and I’d still buy it, that’s how much I believe in it." - Taylor Kidd

"DJ and laci are very kind people and other then just trying to sell you a product they actually listen to their customers. if you have any questions they get back to you and help you with any questions or concerns you have. I ordered twice from them my packages came when they said they would which is a very big plus and they take care of the shipping cost. also their product does exactly what they say their product is supposed to do. I highly recommend lick em stick em product to every outdoors man and woman out there. 100% best product and company out there for us hunters." - Jon Donmoyer

"Since i found lickem&stickem two years ago and i read and see many zero fake pictures and i seem think his product good and I decided to buy one 4 lbs bag and test it and boom its gone one day and its champ . And i order more , I recommend everyone buy these products , these deer keep come back for more that real tempting them to come back !!!! Thank to lickem&stickem these are champ !!!!" - Roger Harris

"We have sold Lick ‘Em Stick ‘Em at Southside Feed in Athens for 3 years. It is by far the best attractant we sell for wildlife. It out sells by far the other attractants we have. Personally, I have used it as well and the deer can’t get enough of it. Love me some Lick ‘Em Stick ‘Em!!"  -Jonathan Carnes

"it really helped me bring more deer and more bucks to my property just mix it with a little bit of corn or you can put it in a feeder too it really works awesome" -Shawn Yates

"Best on the market, hands down!!! Put out Friday evening and by mid day Saturday I had over 150 pics on cam!! This product is definitely a hands down must have…"  -Nick Munding

"So I purchased this a year ago but never payed attention to weather it worked.I had one bag left so I put it in front of a cell camera and WOW!! 300 pictures in 24 hrs. I just Ordered my preseason bundle, I don’t want to run out!! Awesome product, great price and super friendly to deal with." -Kevin Jones

"I shot the buck of a lifetime using the product on November 4, 2021 i recommend the product." -Shannon Shoffner 

"They come in ready to fight for the food every time I use a bag. Love this stuff."

-Anthony Garrett

"Awesome product! This is the first year we have used Lick em’ Stick em’ and has definitely shown its worth. We used it on a trek that hasn’t been hunted or or managed in almost a decade. Next day, the plots look like a petting zoo! Great American made product!" -Nicholas Frangos

"An absolutely amazing attractant/supplement that deer love and keeps them.wantimg more. It keeps them healthy and helps ensure they getbthe nutrition they need, at a very affordable price." -Donny Kille

"Best product on the market. Personal and professional customer service. Give it a try." -Matthew Lockwood

"An affordable deer attractant, that is also very good for them! They love it, and I know I am feeding the healthiest meat I can to my family." - Loriann Bates

"Great product, excellent customer service, just like family" -Gary Myers

"Lick’em Stick’em has been the best product that I have ever used here in Tennessee! I can’t wait to see this here in stores!" -Lacey Lane

"Great experience all around. Fast ordering. Fast delivery. Cannot wait to see your product in action. Love the decal. Thanks for the great service" -Mike Frasier

"GREAT product, great company, great guy. Has a strong work ethic. He stands up for what is right, no matter what. It doesn't matter if you're white, brown, black, yellow or green. Being on disability I can't wait till I can get some more of this American made product." -Mike Diggs

"Great owners .. Who stand behind their Product .. Highly recommend"

-Stacy Mahaffey

"Incredible product , super fast shipping - the deer love it" -Tony Winn

"Great product! Wonderful people!" -Paige Mahaney

"Top notch product! Definitely recommend!" -Grady McDonald

"Great quality product amazing customer service couldn’t ask for better in my opinion!" -McKenzie Turner

"This best product on the market by far 5 stars" -Michael Qualls

"Man I can’t begin to tell how well this product works!! It pulls deer in from everywhere it’s unbelievable!!" -Casey Fuller

"Man I can’t begin to tell how well this product works!! It pulls deer in from everywhere it’s unbelievable!!" -Scott Devine

"Flat out out works when nothing else will takes the dull out of the mid season lull and keeps deer coming in over and over and not just does either like most baits do the bigger older bucks seem to like it we had a few 4-5 year old bucks that were mostly nocturnal that came out in the morning after I put some out on a stump so it will bring them to you when nothing else will" -Jerad Reamy

"wasn't having any luck with deer last year, so I purchased some of the lick'em and stick'em product and I had all kind of deer on my land, I tell all my hunting buddies about this product, will continue to use!" -Robert Clary Sr.

"A+++++deer, hogs and other stuff will paw the ground, tear up stumps, eat all the corn up trying to get this stuff. buy 1 buy 10 buy 100 no matter how much you buy it will bring in the deer until it's completely gone" -Timothy Maxwell

"Hey thought I would send y’all my review lol! We bought 6 bags, We’ve had our land in kemp for over a year & haven’t seen any bucks, a few days after My husband put out 1 bag of lickem stickem with some corn his friend (the other land owner) shot a buck then within a few days got two different bucks on his camera!" 

-Katie Yarbrough

"Best deer attreacted I ever came across put it out n ull have good results" - Carl Triplett

"Have a small place that hasn’t been fed in years as soon as I put Lick”em Stick’em Already have a few bucks and does tearing it up . Just placed another order Highly recommend Lick”em Stick”em . Will post pics soon" - Wesley Bocanegra

"This product is awesome. I had very little deer activity in my area tried Lickem Stickem and now I got deer coming in every time I’m in my hunting spot. Highly recommend this product." -Kenneth Massey

"I had barley had anything coming in my spot down here in Alabama and I’ve been putting corn out I tried everything I put two bags of lick’em stick’em out and my deer started coming in from 4 points to spikes to does and yearlyings thank you lick’m and stick’’em"

-Chipper Galloway

"my 13 years old son was getting so discouraged that he had no deer on his cameras. So I ordered him some of this and in ONE day his has many deer (BUCKS) to choose from. Lickem stickem has saved this boys hunting season!! With today's world yo have your child wanting to be hunting and not other things, it means alot!! Thank you DJ grant!!" -Amanda Hamilton

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