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What is CrAzY Corn?

If you've tried our original formula and fell in love, be sure to check out it's sister product- CrAzY Corn! This new mixture of greatness in a bag begins with our secret recipe, with a little twist. IT'S COATED CORN Y'ALL. We've created a method of soaking, drying, and curing all the deliciousness of Lick'Em Stick'Em™ with a little Cotton Candy twist, straight on the kernels themself. Corn is King. We all know it, it's no secret. What the secret is... well, we ain't gonna tell y'all, but the product will speak for itself. Don't believe us? Try it yourself!


Applying CrAzY Corn

Since CrAzY Corn is NOT your traditional corn you can either lay it directly out in your hunting spot, or mix with your bulk corn in your feeders.

Notice the similarities in the pics? Same spot just hours apart!
Crazy Corn 1.jpg
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