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Meet DJ Grant, the dynamic CEO and founder of Lick'Em Stick'Em, a company born from a deep-rooted passion for the great outdoors and a commitment to excellence in the hunting industry.


Hunting has always been a core passion of mine, a love deeply intertwined with the thrill of the great outdoors. From spending time by rivers and creeks fishing to the excitement of hunting squirrels with a BB gun, I've always been drawn to the wilderness. Despite trying various products from well-known retailers like Tractor Supply, Atwoods, Walmart, Academy, Rural King, and Bass Pro Shop, none were effective on the hunting grounds of East Texas near my parents' home. This challenge led me to develop my own solution: Lick'Em Stick'Em. After sharing my successful results in a hunting group with 50,000 members, the response was overwhelming—my inbox was flooded with people eager to order my product and Lick Em Stick Em went into business.


My Uncle Brandon Grant has significantly shaped my outdoor life. From a young age, he introduced me to hunting, often starting our trips with a stop for a Mountain Dew and an oatmeal cream pie. He was instrumental in teaching me how to navigate the woods, track wildlife, and understand the signs of deer activity like tracks, scrapes, and rubs. On the fishing front, my Uncle David Allen played a pivotal role. He showed me the ropes of being a "net boy" and instilled in me the preference for crappie over bass, declaring crappie as king. Meanwhile, Uncle Russell Reynolds taught me the importance of silence in the hunt and the excitement of spotting a buck without startling it with excitement. His lessons on patience and quiet observation have stayed with me. My uncles' influence has not only fueled my passion for the outdoors but also inspired me to start my own business, Lick'Em Stick'Em, carrying forward the traditions and skills they imparted to me.


My father, Dwane Grant, serves as the President of Lick’Em Stick’Em and has been instrumental in its growth, working closely with my mother, Anita, who is the cornerstone of our support system. Alongside them, my incredible fiancée, Brandi, is a constant source of support and wisdom, keeping me grounded and reminding me that amidst chaos, there is calm if we remember God is present. My children—Canica, Breland, Bentley, Jaxyn, Italy, and Laykin—fuel my drive to succeed; everything I do is for them.


We are blessed with a strong support network of family and friends whose prayers and encouragement are invaluable. Fayth, our talented website designer, excels in managing our digital platforms, ensuring we maintain a leading edge in our online presence. Our dedicated merchandise teams work tirelessly on our range of products, from stickers to shirts, ensuring everything is perfect. Gateway Community Partners handles our packaging meticulously, adding the final touches before our products are shipped out. Additionally, the hardworking team in our shop plays a crucial role in our daily operations, making our production processes possible.

I'm profoundly grateful to Seth and Atwood’s for giving us our initial opportunity in distribution, truly setting the stage for our success. Last, but definitely not least, our National Sales Manager, Curtis Lindsey, with his extensive connections in the hunting and outdoor industry, masterfully manages our relationships with major distributors and oversees our national sales efforts.


My faith in Jesus Christ is a cornerstone of my life and deeply influences my business, Lick’Em Stick’Em. I believe that He guides our path and opens opportunities that would otherwise remain inaccessible. Our business motto, inspired by Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," reflects this belief. It's my conviction that when we reach out to God, He responds to our prayers. I credit Him with the success and growth of Lick’Em Stick’Em, shaping it into the thriving enterprise it is today.

What distinguishes Lick'Em Stick'Em from our competitors is our proud Texas roots and ownership. We are committed to crafting products of the highest quality, ensuring each item is carefully prepared and packaged to meet the expectations of our valued customers. Our products are priced competitively, making them accessible to the everyday blue-collar hunter. We cater specifically to those looking to enhance their hunting grounds and ensure a steady return of wildlife. Our attractants are particularly popular among parents who introduce their children to the traditions of hunting, capturing these memorable teachings with a bag of Lick'Em Stick'Em in hand, smiles broadening as the camera clicks. We take great pride in offering the best deer and hog attractants available on the market today.


What started as just a small, back porch operation has now turned into a mega distribution with some of the largest product distributors in the nation. Our products are now being distributed to the masses from a formula that started out being shipped online in ziplock baggies. Our long-term goals are to take on more and more major distributors and to have the number one attractant brand in the United States. With our retailers expanding and more and more buyers getting involved, we are growing Lick Em Stick Em into a nationwide brand in the outdoor industry.


We thank all of our customers nationwide for your continued support and for buying our product to get it where it is today! We can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!

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